Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bullet cam trial

I got this little thing the other day, being waterproof it has potential to be used on farm though no doubt enthusiasm will soon wane.
For such a small thing the picture is pretty good.
Could not be easier to use, one button for off and on.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Finished the last bit of barley last Sunday and there was still near 3 tons/acre despite the swarms of pigeons on it all day!
Combine chugged away pretty well and absence of meadow grass from the pre-em spray made cutting low as possible easier - so minimising the number of cut off heads - it had broken over a fair bit.
Straw baled up on Monday and this year there's about 100 bales rather than 37 or something last year!
Nice straw too.

This morning interesting to see a bit more action on the phone mast front with someone 'from planning' looking at the sites the first visit suggested.
As expected the existing Airwaves mast or close to it won hands down.
He thought they would want a 15 metre lattice tower which was a surprise.
The existing monopole is 8 metres I think.

Not sure what the airwaves will think about this, in the past they have implied sharing is out due to (police) security concerns, however there are many instances where Airwaves antennae have been attached to existing phone towers.
Maybe they could share the mast but have a separate small cabin.
At least things are still progressing and hopefully it will be up and running next year maybe even before summer which would be nice when there is most time spent out in the fields.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

wet day

6th September proved very wet with more than 50mm of rain between 10am and 5pm
The cows were across the river but realised they could not safely get back and stayed put till first light today 7th.
It had been flowing across the cricket pitch before dark but has dropped back remarkably quickly this morning.
I think the rain came so quickly that most of it simply ran off rather than soaking in.

There's been some minor fence damage - it seems a lot of long grass type debris caught in them making things worse.

Today is sunny and breezy but cool, I would think if tomorrow is similar the last bit of barley could be done on Monday. In any case later in the week looks decent with warmer temperatures too.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


The spring barley was not sown especially early, but has done well this year with just enough rain to keep growth going at critical times.
There were some limited green patches in Osseker Crook where it had been eaten by slugs then remaining plants had tillered more - so that field had been sprayed with weak glyphosate about two weeks ago.

At the start of this week it all looked about ready but it was so windy on Monday the straw would have blown badly, so started on Tuesday afternoon.
Yields seem good with reasonable but not enormous amounts of straw.

I did headlands on both fields then started Osseker on day 1, all went well and I got four trailers full which is about 20 tons. Day 2 started OK, planning to finish Osseker and get a good part of the near field done so it would be easy to finish today 5th but that went out the window as after a few rounds a main drive belt flew off the pulleys and forward movement ceased!
It was fairly easy to slide back on and was OK for a few more rounds.
When I'd filled the trailer I came home and rang Sewards about it. Seems it is not so straightforward as order belt for Senator 60 - there are 4 different kinds and the safest way is to tell them teh machine serial number and measure the pulley diameter.
This is not easy as the shaft in the middle means a degree of estimation is involved.

I managed to nurse it the last few times round in Osseker - the last three rows had to be done downhill only and creep back up at low revs as it could only drive at operating speed downhill, or the belt just flew off every few yards!

 Anyway hopefully the correct belt is ordered but now it's after 5pm on Thursday and they still haven't arrived to fit it, so won't get much if any done today now.
Rain is forecast for tomorrow but next week now seems fair again but cooler, so no big deal. I got the straw baled up which is almost as important as the grain here.