Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hay on Hold

It's been a rather peculiar haytime so far. Plenty of grass considering it is still early, but really quite chilly but dry days this past week.
Without the tractors having cabs, I would have been riding around with a big coat on I think!

Last year it was about 27C doing these top fields.
The other day more like 13C
Cloudy until 1pm or would have been able to finish all three, but has been very little rain just enough  to damp the top so hope to get it done Sunday or Monday.

Next weekend sounds dodgy then dry + quite hot to follow most likely.
Have two good sized fields still to cut, not sure whether to do them ASAP or wait to see what if the weekend rain event comes off.
They were grazed by sheep until mid-April so not as forward as what I've done.