Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring barley and lambing

Ready to sow this today although I think it will be tomorrow before I finish as I need put fert on first. Like last year I ballast rolled the ploughing before power harrowing and what a difference it makes with only one pass needed and far more easy to level it. Even the strong clay patches in Osseker Crook have broken down well. There's a chance of showery rain almost reaching here Sunday/Monday which would be ideal to start it off. Things are generally well ahead of 2013 with more grass already than we had at start of May last year. There was a keen frost the other night though, and the cows night grazing across the river where sheep over-winter is only just starting to wake up. The dry mild-ish weather has been ideal for lambing and generally few problems but any singles have tended to be very large and need help.