Sunday, 20 July 2014

Post haytime spin

A rather protracted hay-making this year, despite an early start on about 24th June.
There are still a couple of fields to cart in. Those last two were also rather spoiled by 5 or so wet days at the start of July - just after being cut - but we have had far, far worse no doubt about that!

The last two flower meadow strips by Kildale road would have baled up on Friday but we had the most annoying burst of rain on the day.
Paul Houlston was passing to bale up some for Paul Muir at Dale View, so I gave in and asked hime to bale and wrap. There were only nine bales, too few to ask him out special.
There will be some second cut for silage bales in a couple of weeks.

You'd wonder where it all went, but it always seems to be nearly gone by late April next year.
My counter was sticking the first couple of fields but I think there is about 500 round hay bales.