Monday, 10 March 2014

New Izuzu


Picked this up today, at a glance it looks much like the old one, but there are huge differences.

It’s more powerful especially lower down the rev range yet uses less fuel.
When driving it is far more planted and less bouncy.
There’s traction control too – not sure how effective that is but it’s supposed to detect one wheel starting to spin and transfer drive to the other or others if in 4x4
It can tow 3.5 tons too.
The only down side is it’s a bit bigger all round - and the older one was big enough for small parking spaces!

The dealer seemed generally OK aside from the hopelessly optimistic delivery schedule – I expected anyway.
The one annoyance was not just a low fuel tank but a tank so near empty I wondered if I would get 5 miles to Guisborough - which was the first one I passed.
Admittedly I left mine near 1/4 but if the new one had been about half full it would hardly be generous.
They had to drive it to Ripon for the canopy to be put on so must have consciously only put about £10 in.

It took £84 to fill it!