Friday, 22 November 2013

Malton again

The last of the big over-year stores today. They have done well with the last two loads all over £1000 each and the first load of two heifers just under. I still have maybe 8 rather younger ones 8-10 months could go, well 4 next week anyway.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Ruswarp Market Run

I've started using a bullet cam on the pickup dash especially when I have the trailer on.
It seems to bring out the worst in some drivers who will shoot out in front of you apparently not wishing to get stuck behind a 'slow' trailer.
Truth is the Isuzu can keep up with the traffic just fine on main roads.
You might think they would consider the effect of violent braking on the animals inside.

No harm done in this incident at Egton road end but it would have been far harder to slow down so suddenly with a heavy load of cattle rather than sheep.
The camera has a very wide angle lens which makes the car seem further away than it was.

There was nothing behind so this saved him/her about 5 seconds.

(NB clock was not adjusted to GMT, done now!)

I do quite like some of the footage the cam captures, although just a gloomy mile or two here it will be interesting to look back at in a year or two.