Friday, 24 October 2014

Castleton Road cows home

Feels like almost winter, but nice to have the off-lying group walked home (Thanks Keith for helping!).
It went reasonably smoothly but they weren't exactly sensible, in particular they always seem to want to go up the village rather than down to the cricket pitch.
Today the main herd were grazing down there which did help where they have to go through a rather wet gateway.

This is more or less usual time but there was no urgency as it is still reasonably dry and some grass left - however one big heifer which is supposedly due 12th November looks suspiciously likely to calve with  the next week or so.
Yesterday there was some milk oozing out.
It seems a distinct possibility she will have twins so really good to get her home, and this evening I have her in the calving shed - with the other two have been in there a week already - were due on 12th October (!)

The yearling stores are still out up near Riddings and again there is reasonable grass left, but next time it comes wet and windy they want bringing home I think.
Look OK so far but will soon go backwards spending time trying to shelter by a wall.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ready for Winter

All gathered in, and grazing winding down.

 - Mid-October -

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Busy week

Cut third crop of red clover last Friday; it was ready by Monday.
On Tuesday the new and improved silage pit barrier rail was welded together by Andrew from George Agars.
On Friday some toppings cut last weekend were baled up as sort of hay/bedding material (3rd October!)
Then today wool has been taken to the collection point.
We were lucky with that as the first serious rain was expected at the same time - but in the event there was only about 1mm.