Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mucking out calving shed

I got a GoPro Hero4 a couple of weeks ago, and am in two minds about doing occasional video blog style videos.

The quality from it is brilliant really, and I already had a selection of mounts which came with a much cheaper SJ4000 a couple of years ago. The problem is that even a 3 minute video at 1080p is about 500mb and our increasingly left behind broadband speed of 373kb up needs all night to upload that.

This will become increasingly exasperating with no chance of faster fibre being laid to install a cabinet nearer than Castleton 3 miles away. (unless we do it ourselves apparently!) They were given £1.5 billion to connect almost everyone to 10mb+ but it seems very easy to claim outlying villages are too difficult even when like Westerdale we also don't have mobile cover let alone 3G. Meanwhile York is getting upgrades from 50mb+ to 300mb and they also have 4G