Friday, 28 August 2015

Building update late August - almost done

The major re-build of pig-sty corner is all but complete after most of five months though not continuous work it must be said!
It has taken rather longer than expected mainly cutting the stones seemed to take forever, but quite a lot of fiddly bits at the end still not quite finished - almost another week maybe yet?

Gallery link
Those are a bit random and can't be moved about so some of the main stages below.
They've uploaded in reverse order so go down then come back up ;)

Final bits - more concrete, retaining wall, BIG stone gatepost. Pot Plant!
Soil replaced around foundations
Mainly doors to do at last
Inside larger room
Windows in, roof well underway.
Insulation all round seems a no-brainer in a relatively small building which will benefit from stable temperatures and minimal condensation
More stone. Lintels from Eskdale Stone near Whitby
Roof takes shape and stones going around from original wall remains
Mud hut stage
Early stages
Concrete raft foundation as there was all kinds of soft ground and rubble.

Rebuilding the corner bottom left

Rough shed over partly demolished stone pig stys