Friday, 1 February 2013

Back to normal

Well after the weeks of Christmas followed by rather too much snow, managed to actually sell something today - took twin bullocks to Malton and had a word with K.A. about two elderly cows I have been babying in a box on their own - as they were going downhill roughing it in the main group.

The bullocks were really rather plain as they lost their mother at about two weeks old, and were bucket fed - always the smaller ones that got pushed out as they got bigger.
They still made £850 which was more than a couple of hundred over my worst fear.
Then  K.A. said he could come pick the cows up today which was unexpected as I was thinking maybe next week.
However with a bit of snow expected both tomorrow and mid-week it was good to get them away, as one in particular was looking rather frail and barely holding her own.

So when I got home it was a quick scrabble around to find the passports and put a replacement big tag in one of them.
They loaded quite well and will now be stuffing their faces at Malton for a couple of days.

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