Monday, 28 January 2013

Thaw underway

It was surprising how rapidly the snow cleared off wide areas yesterday, and sheep suddenly lost interest in gobbling hay bales!
Yesterday the cows managed to jiggle open the cubicle house door and had a 10 minute gallop around the field as if it were spring. They soon came back in when a sleety hail shower lashed down.

 It is still extremely wet with many fields having areas of slushy snow sitting in pools of icy water.
The road up to Ralphs Cross is still blocked by drifts, I suppose they may get it done tomorrow when it is expected to get near 10C!

 I need to go to BATA at Kirkbymoorside for a few bits to tide us over until main delivery early February which will be Thursday next week.
I see there is a hint that a further cold spell is likely in 10 days or so, at least we are getting nearer to spring now and the sun has a little power so prolonged freeze ups get less likely.
However the snowiest spells of winter often occur in February or even March ...

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