Friday, 27 September 2013


Finished the last bit of barley last Sunday and there was still near 3 tons/acre despite the swarms of pigeons on it all day!
Combine chugged away pretty well and absence of meadow grass from the pre-em spray made cutting low as possible easier - so minimising the number of cut off heads - it had broken over a fair bit.
Straw baled up on Monday and this year there's about 100 bales rather than 37 or something last year!
Nice straw too.

This morning interesting to see a bit more action on the phone mast front with someone 'from planning' looking at the sites the first visit suggested.
As expected the existing Airwaves mast or close to it won hands down.
He thought they would want a 15 metre lattice tower which was a surprise.
The existing monopole is 8 metres I think.

Not sure what the airwaves will think about this, in the past they have implied sharing is out due to (police) security concerns, however there are many instances where Airwaves antennae have been attached to existing phone towers.
Maybe they could share the mast but have a separate small cabin.
At least things are still progressing and hopefully it will be up and running next year maybe even before summer which would be nice when there is most time spent out in the fields.

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