Monday, 24 June 2013


After a very showery Sunday today has been OKish with just light drizzly showers and by midday the grass was only a little damp about like dew - so decided to start cutting mid-afternoon.
Tomorrow looks much better and the plan is to wilt until Wednesday.
Since it's quite stalky I probably won't touch it with the swathwilter yet again.

Houlstons have a new Class Tractor and Class mowers front and rear which are a little wider than last machine, but I thought it made hard work in any thicker bits uphill so maybe not much faster.
Took about 4 hours to do 40 acres.
There is a field less this year as I ploughed one out but could not get the replacement sown last autumn.
With any luck the spring sown seeds will be worth cutting late August.

Forecast is reasonable for the week so surely will be much better than the horrors of last year with the wettest silage ever.

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