Saturday, 27 April 2013

Empty silage pit

All gone yesterday but there's enough good hay to keep cows going for 7-10 days and then quite a few less good ones they might eat outside especially overnight.
So not too worried - unlike last year when they were on bought in barley straw by now, and it was so wet there was no hope of going out until well into May.

This year it is dry but grass is only just starting to grow - it looks good though unlike some years when it grows early on then gets checked by cold and wet, making it looking yellow or purple.

There are seven 8-10 month olds born last year to wean before the rest go out so should do that either Sunday or Monday.
A couple of those might go to Malton either next Friday or the following week if settled down enough, the others will probably be off down Castleton road for the summer.

Haven't exactly decided what is going out down there yet to be honest!
I want at least a couple of cows with calves so they are a more sensible group.
Last year was a bit of a nightmare walking them the mile or so home, they ran back to the field twice due to scary vehicles bearing down on them. Generally they will follow a tractor with bale on the back and it goes relatively smoothly, but increasing traffic levels in recent years - especially impatient delivery vans is becoming a problem.

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