Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cold March

According to the weather station the mean for March is just 1.6C currently which is about 4C below average and colder than any of the winter months which were only average or below.
The sheep are due to start lambing next week and there is practically no grass so it will be difficult for them with more feeding required and attendant problems with mis-mothering.

Meanwhile the calving has been going reasonably well apart from one that decided she didn't like her calf sucking.
It's a good strong one though and is managing to get plenty at least while I have her shut in on her own.
One last night was a few days before time and quite small.
It had got a bit chilled but has soon improved under a heat lamp.

The IP Cam is proving very useful to keep an eye on expectant and recently calved cows. Often as not it shows all is quiet or calves you were not sure about have been busily sucking when they thought no-one was looking!
It can be viewed on a smartphone either on the home wifi or phone data if out and needing to check.

Here's how it looks on the phone - either at home on wifi or away on mobile data

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